March 2016 LIBRA Monthly Horoscope: a challenge in the form of establishing your identity

LIBRA Horoscope for March 2016 At this time you will be confronted with the negative effects of some dominating personal habits. There is an irresistible pressure to reform certain aspects of your life, and to clear the path for future progress.

You will be forced to consider your personal values and ethical position, and it is at this time that the battle between the strong and weak sides of your personal nature is at its highest.

When this process is over you may feel that the pages of history have been turned, and that you have rooted out a lot of negativity from your life.
March 2016 LIBRA Monthly Horoscope Zone Reading

Strange and fated meetings with a powerful connection to the past can completely dominate your life for a period - some things will be put behind you for ever.

March 2016 LIBRA forecast reading It is possible to feel lighthearted and friendly to everyone during this transit.

Interaction with foreign people and investments is favored, as are legal matters.

Most new encounters or intimate relationships that are initiated under this transit will be fulfilling. Travel, entertainment, and easy socializing is often highlighted.

Perpetuating lustful, self-centered physical sensations is a waste of this energy. Such intensified emotions can create a need to be with friends as well. It is as if you are driven by an inner compulsion.

LIBRA Horoscope zone March 15, 2016 - March 31, 2016 You may attract members of the opposite sex more easily, so if you are looking for a partner, take the initiative, don't sit at home! However, anyone you meet during this transit is likely to provide emotional growth rather than a long-term commitment.

If you do get involved in a new kind of group at this time, take care that your expectations do not exceed the capacities of the group.

It would be an advantage to adjust professional interests so that you can reach a wider spectrum of people by appealing to their hopes and dreams, and their need to acquire more meaning and understanding in life. You can sell a dream to the masses.