March 2016 GEMINI Horoscope: Don't be jealous, or manipulative

March 2016 GEMINI Monthly Horoscope forecast During this period you are motivated by the desire to be of service to others. You may work in some field related to the healing professions or the service industries.

Job satisfaction is wished for, but may be hard to realize now, because the ideal may contrast with the reality of the work situation.

Less positively, you may find communication with others, especially siblings and neighbors, takes more effort than usual. Misunderstandings could cause problems.

Be very careful with important documents and contracts during this period; make sure you double check everything and get good advice before signing anything complex.
March 2016 GEMINI Horoscope Zone

Gemini March 2016 astrology zone forecast You are more willing than usual now to try different things and to explore the creative side of your nature.

You may be quite surprised at how much change takes place in your life now. This is a good time to create new living conditions.

In extreme circumstances, your family may share a difficulty that either brings everyone together or causes a breakdown of relations and estrangements.

In terms of social and outward success, you are in the middle of a 30-year low, indicating past levels of recognition will be hard to recreate now.

You may discover that you can be very intense.  You'll go very deeply into a relationship, or perhaps churn it up in your mind.  Your own deep passion may create something in a new relationship which is not really there; or there may really be a great intensity of feeling between you.

Don't be jealous, or manipulative.  You will also discover a new you that you did not believe you had and it may make you feel upset.

Gemini March 2016 horoscope prediction Business activity should be relatively free of problems, providing there aren't other more powerful transits from the stronger planets to contend with. Women can be beneficial in your life at present.

Mental activities rule this period.  Your words may come out as hoped for now.  Your affairs will be quickly dealt with.  Thinking positively will bring you quite a lot of success, because you will have the energy to tackle all sorts of hard mental work.

This is a good time to ask for a raise, speak in public, and express your opinions, even though they may surprise your close friends and loved ones.