2016 TAURUS Psychic free predictions: time to keep an open mind and heart

TAURUS 2016 psychic predictions about love, money and health Relations with other people, either individuals or groups, can be stressful during this transit. It is time to reassess your connections with individuals and groups with a view to moving on with your life's purpose.

Any individual or group standing in your path is liable to be pushed out of the way, as you seek new experiences.

You may be letting go of something important or ending an important phase in your life. This is taking some adjustment. This can be a painful or joyful experience.
2016 TAURUS Psychic free predictions

TAURUS 2016 psychic forecast Now is the time to keep an open mind and heart so that you are sensitive to the cycles of the universe and therefore ready to receive information about your true purpose in life.

Once you have understood this purpose, it is time to move forward letting go of emotional hurts which stand in your way.

It is time to feel the fear and do it anyway.

There will be a lot of mental activity going on in the home, or concerning domestic affairs and products.  You may have visitors, lots of mail and calls, and find yourself very busy.  Small transactions could bring slight changes to your life.

News by phone or letter can cause you to go on a short trip, where you will meet acquaintances from different backgrounds.  You are in touch with your emotions, and will express them well.  You are sensitive, but still logical.

TAURUS 2016 psychic revelation  It's a good time to begin anything to do with personal transformation, such as diet, exercise, study.  You go deeply into things and can work hard to get necessary things done.  Power flows, only be careful not to use it selfishly.

You would like to pursue a direction in your professional life which is more in line with your heart's desires.

However, the timing is not quite right and your efforts are being frustrated. Have patience and trust that your career will eventually reflect your passions.