TAURUS December 2015 TAROT reading forecast: down on your luck

December 2015 Taurus tarot predictions The 5 of Pentacles tarot card is one of the lesson learning cards which can help you to perfect your skills. This card warns against not planning ahead with regards to finances.

This is the card of being ‘down on your luck’.

In an emotional situation, you may “left out in the cold” with regard to one person or a group. This is a material situation with emotional consequences.

The 5 of Pentacles tarot card recommends the sense of having a long-term plan, and keeping an eye on your financial comings and goings until things improve.

Keep going through tough times.
TAURUS December 2015 TAROT Cards Reading

The 5 of Pentacle tells us that something is lacking in our lives. This situation may be real, but it’s more often a perception that the card is asking us to change.

While the card is oriented toward financial worries, we believe that it can also represent an absence of friends, romance, or opportunities.

Of course, as long as our focus is on that which we don’t have, the Law of Attraction will only bring us more of the experience of lack.

Taurus December 2015 TAROT forecast The 5 of Pentacle tarot card indicates that there’s help at hand, but we may be too distracted or too proud to ask for it.

You have increased mental energy in this period of your life.  You'll identify strongly with your ideas, and may try to fight for anything you believe in.

Conversely, you may meet someone else who is aggressive in defending their ideas.

Arguments could be a problem, and you both may want to come to blows.  The extra mental energy that you posses now is good for business and professional ambitions, however.

Watch that your impulsive decisions and impatience don't ruin work already done, or cause an accident.