PISCES December 2015 TAROT reading forecast: Express your feminine side rather than your masculine side

December 2015 PISCES TAROT free predictions This is a strange transit. You are not thinking clearly with this aspect and should try to defer decision-making to a later stage if you can.

You could also receive news or information that is either very confusing or may or may not be quite true. The general advice is that it will not be true.

Someone might approach you with an idea that will turn out to be an impractical dream.

A person could  slander you or misrepresent some situation to you now. You will probably feel a need to escape from it all during this time.

At this time you will have to work hard to break through fears and emotional blockages in
PISCES December 2015 TAROT predictions
relationships. You are now challenged on an intimate level to be open about your feelings and desires.

You may be haunted by unnamed fears and compulsive worries, and this may affect your sleep. Therapy and interest in psychological issues brings personal growth at this time.\

PISCES Tarot forecast December 2015 You can expect an expanded circle of contacts at this time, with a special emphasis on people who are seeking influence on a large scale in society.

Opinion-makers, advisers and foreigners can bring a new perspective in connection with future planning.

You may feel that your destiny is interwoven with some larger plan. Greater awareness of the direction you wish your life to take can mean making a few adjustments.

Do not let inflated ideas about your destiny or personal importance lead you astray.

PISCES December TAROT CARDS reading You may experience difficulties  in social  or romantic  communication today. Others are just not hearing  what you  are saying  or else  you just can't  seem to  find 

Mental  discipline  is not  strong this transit.   Poor judgment  in spending habits is likely. Put  off major  decisions and  purchases until  this aspect is over.

Being  tender rather  than  aggressive can  assuage the  antagonisms.  Try  a little  romance instead  of brute  force.  Express  your feminine  side rather than your masculine side.