November 2015 LOVE Horoscope LEO female & ARIES male: combination is most difficult for a deeply personal relationship

Leo and Aries Monthly Love Horoscope Compatibility forecast This is an ideal combination for an intimate relationship. LEO and ARIES feel comfortable with each other, confident that they understand each other's feelings and share a common bond.

They may even feel that they have found their soul-mate, someone who understands them at a deep level and in whose company they take great pleasure.

It's likely that LEO and ARIES have a lot in common and enjoy sharing their personal life and pastimes. Romance is at the heart of this relationship.

LEO feels a strong attraction to ARIES, but she is also aware that this is a troubled association. It is likely that LEO believes that ARIES lacks sensitivity to her feelings.
November 2015 LOVE Horoscope LEO ARIES

ARIES also senses the friction, but is perhaps not so bothered by it. ARIES is more concerned because at times LEO seems like a wet blanket.

Aries & Leo romance horoscope November, 2015 This combination is most difficult for a deeply personal relationship such as marriage or a close personal friendship.

It can be advantageous for a working relationship that requires a lot of hard work and energy. For instance, building a house together may be a good way of using the energy of this combination.

LEO and ARIES feel that the world is their oyster that is ready to explore together.

This can include holidays in far-away places, adventure travel and also encompasses any activity that expands their minds and views of life. This is a meeting of higher-minds.

LEO feels that ARIES expands her horizons. LEO feels safe and appreciated in this relationship. ARIES knows that LEO is a comrade in arms when it comes to fun and adventure.

ARIES feels that he is truly appreciated for his generosity and optimism. Together LEO and ARIES can conquer the world.

November lucky in love Leo and Aries Perhaps LEO receives emotional support from ARIES which contributes to a greater sense of being alive and an ability to achieve her personal goals. LEO may appreciate ARIES's emotional insights.

On the other hand ARIES feels comforted by the relationship, perhaps playing a supportive role and offering emotional insights and comfort.

Alternatively ARIES may simply feel secure within the relationship, experiencing a sense of well-being.