Kabbalistic philosophy principles: jewish Kabbalistic healing a path to an awakened soul

The following seven Kabbalistic ideals are of the greatest interest to students of the origin anddestiny of the world and mankind.

The chief difficulty of the beginner as a student of the Kabbalah, is to conquer the impressions of the reality and materiality of so-called matter. The Kabbalah teaches that one must entirely relinquish the apparent knowledge of matter as an entity apart from Spirit.

From God, the Angels and the World, let us pass to consider more fully what the Kabbalah teaches about Man, the human Soul or Ego.

Kabbalistic ideal 1. That God, the Holy One, the Supreme Incomprehensible One, the AIN SUPh, the Greek epeiros, (Zohar iii. 283) was not the direct Creator of the World; but that all things have proceeded from the Primordial Source in successive Emanations, each one less excellent than the preceding, so that the universe is 'God Manifested,' and the last and remotest production is matter, a privation of perfection.

kabbalah ideology ideas seven principles

Kabbalistic ideal 2. That all we perceive or know of, is formed on the Sephirotic type.

Kabbalistic ideal 3. That human souls were pre-existent in an upper world before the origin of this present world.

Kabbalistic ideal 4. That human souls before incarnation dwell now in an Upper Hall, or Treasury where the decision is made as to what earth body each soul or ego shall enter.

Kabbalistic ideal 5. That every soul after earth life or lives must at length be so purified as to be re-absorbed into the Infinite God.

Kabbalistic ideal  6. That one human life is seldom sufficient; that two earth lives are necessary for almost all to pass; and that if failure result in the second life, a third life is passed linked with a stronger soul who draws the sinner upward into purity: this is a form of the scheme of Re-incarnation, Transmigration of souls, or Metempsychosis.

Kabbalistic ideal  7. That when all the pre-existent Souls who have been incarnated here have arrived at perfection, the Evil Angels are also to be raised, and all lives will be merged into The Deity by the Kiss of Love from the Mouth of the Holy One, and the Manifested Universe shall be no more, until again vivified by the Divine FIAT.

Kabbalah, a Hebrew word meaning "to receive," is a body of knowledge which, according to legend, was given to Abraham by Melchizedek, a King and High Priest of Jerusalem. It deals with the fundamental laws of existence and while it may be most commonly associated with the Judaeo-Christian tradition some of its teachings have common ground with the esoteric forms of other religions.