January 2, 2016 Capricorn Birthday Horoscope LIFE-PATH: Influence && understanding

Capricorn Birthday Horoscope reading January 2, 2016 You are philosophical, love freedom and open horizons, and these needs will be reflected in your choice of job.

You would be happiest in an employment which offers dynamic possibilities, constant change and future promise.

You would work well in pioneering ventures, especially if they offered connections abroad, or the opportunity to expand your inner or outer horizons.

You are a person of extremely strong convictions and you are a passionate believer in justice.

January 2 2016 Capricorn Birthday Horoscope

As your ideals are all-important, you have a need to see your work having an effect on society in some way.

It is also essential for you to feel that what you do has meaning on a larger scale.

Birthday Horoscope forecast January 2, 2016 Winning the hearts and minds of other people is important, so you may involve yourself in further education projects, consultancy, publishing and the media, or shaping public opinion in some way.

You are born with considerable spiritual ballast and a strong sense of your place in the cosmos, though you may feel alone in the world. 

You have to struggle with a sense of isolation in your early years, and there may be an indefinable sense that circumstances are quite fluid around you; things can dissolve and nothing can be relied on. 

A strong desire to create order on all levels is born in you. This can mean greater attention to diet and the needs of your body, and considerable effort to established a disciplined daily life. 

There is a shadow of sorrow that can pervade your mood, and it is essential that you reject feelings of martyrdom and passivity. 

There will undoubtedly have been major events in your early life which can give good cause for unhappiness, but work is often the best solution, as well as an attitude of acceptance for that which cannot be changed.

Capricorn Birthday Horoscope Zone January 2, 2016 Problems arise in intimate relationships because you never let on how you really feel - if you had the courage to show your vulnerability, people would treat you better. 

You cling to emotional bonds with great intensity, yet in times of crisis you can suddenly amputate your feelings and become ice-cold. 

It is unwise to deal with crises by giving ultimata. It is essential to overcome these destructive defence mechanisms, if you want to enjoy warm relationships.