FOOD for YOGA and PRANAYAMA: best healthy food for Yoga. Diet and Yoga Meditation - Part 2

Yoga Diet Concepts For Yoga Practice best food to eat before Yoga and after Yoga. The mind–body connection is basic to yoga. With traditional yoga food  you will experience a lift in mood, increased energy levels, better sleep patterns, and decreased anxiety.

Best food for YOGA 5. The body is the abode of the individual self . If it were to perish from lack of food the 'Self would leave it just like a tenant who refuses to reside any longer in a dilapidated house . The body therefore, has to be protected to house the ' Self. To neglect this body leads to death and destruction of the ' Self.

Best food for YOGA 6. According to the Chandogyopamsad (VI 7.2) solid food, fluids and fats which fuel the body are each split up into sixteen parts on consumption.

Food is divided into three of these; the grossest becomes faeces, the medium becomes flesh, and the subtlest becomes the mind, in the ratio of  10/6, 5/16 and 1/6 respectively.

With fluids, the grossest becomes urine, the medium becomes blood and the subtlest becomes energy. Similarly with fats, the grossest ingredient becomes bone, the medium becomes marrow and the subtlest speech (vac).

Svetaketu lived on fluid for fifteen days and lost his power of thinking, but regained it as soon as he ate solid food again; his power of speech diminished when he went without fats.

This experience revealed to him that the mind is the product of food, energy of fluids and speech of fats.

Best food for YOGA 7 Yoga Pradipika ( 1 1 . 1 4) says that during his practice of pranayama the sadhaka has to eat pounded rice cooked in milk and clarified butter. When well established in pranayama, he may choose the food congenial to him and his practice.

Best food for YOGA 8 Do not eat when saliva does not flow, for this indicates that the body does not need more food. Both the quantity and quality of food should be moderated. Chosen food might appear to be dainty and delicious, but it may not be good for the sadhaka.

It may have high nutritive value and yet it may develop toxins affecting progress in pranayama. When one is really hungry or thirsty, food is immediately absorbed into the system and becomes nourishing. Water by itself can always quench thirst. Real thirst chooses no other drink but water.

Restrain artificial hunger and thirst. Yoga texts prescribe that the sadhaka should fill half his stomach with solid food, one-fourth with fluids and keep one-fourth empty for the free flow of breath.

Best food for YOGA 9. Do not eat when emotionally disturbed. While dining, talk well and eat wisely. When a noble frame of mind prevails while eating, all but poisonous food is sattvic.

Best food for YOGA 10. The fire of digestion is lit by the energy that arises from respiration. Moderate and nourishing food is essential to maintain vigour, strength and leanness. Avoid fasting.