FOOD for YOGA and PRANAYAMA: best healthy food for Yoga. Diet and Yoga Meditation - Part 1

Yoga Diet Concepts For Yoga Practice best food to eat before Yoga and after Yoga. The mind–body connection is basic to yoga. With traditional yoga food  you will experience a lift in mood, increased energy levels, better sleep patterns, and decreased anxiety.

Best food for YOGA 1. Food (anna) is the primary requisite without which man cannot develop his anatomical body to the spiritual level. It is stated that the sun radiates heat which evaporates water.

The vapour becomes clouds from which rain falls to the earth. Man tills the earth and produces food which, when consumed, creates the energy that maintains vigour.

Vigour engenders discipline, which develops the faith that gives knowledge; knowledge bestows learning , which brings composure that creates calmness; calmness establishes equanimity, which develops memory that induces recognition; recognition brings judgement, which leads to the realisation of the 'Self'.

Best food for YOGA 2. The body needs food containing the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and mineral salts. Water is needed 10 help digestion and assimilation. Food in the form of nourishment is finally assimilated in various forms throughout the body.

Best food for YOGA 3. Food should be wholesome, palatable and congenial to the body, and should not be eaten merely gratify the senses. It is broadly divided into three kinds - sattvic, rajasic and tamasic. The first promotes longevity, health and happiness; the second produces excitement, and the third creates disease.

Rajasic and tamasic food make the consciousness dull and impede spiritual progress. his the duty of the sadhaka to find out by trial and experience which is suitable for him.

Best food for YOGA 4. Whereas it is true that character is influenced by food , it is equally true that the practice of Pranayama changes the eating habits of the sadhaka.

Man's temperament is influenced by his diet because what he eats affects the functioning of the mind. Sattvic vegetarian food, however, may be taken by tyrants with disturbed minds, full of hatred, yet they remain rajasic or tamasic.

In the same way noble characters (like the Buddha or Jesus) may nor be affected by the type of food offered to them or by those persons who give it, though they would normally be regarded as tamasic. It is the state of mind of the eater that is important.

Yet a diet consisting of sattvic food only will help the practitioner ro maintain a clear and unwavering mind.

Yoga is not magic or a feat of any kind, physical or mental. Yoga is based on a sound philosophy and deep psychology. It is an educational process by which the human mind is trained to become more and more natural and weaned from the unnatural conditions of life.