February 2016 VIRGO Fortune Horoscope: you are more careful and businesslike right now

February 2016 VIRGO Astrology Horoscope reading An inner discontent with your life-style inspires you to re-examine the direction your life is taking, and this in turn will lead you to analyse any important relationships in a critical manner.

You do not want to waste time on superficial involvements, yet at the same time you know that you should either commit yourself or be alone.

You can be hard on yourself in this period, yet you discover new strength and self-sufficiency.

Some people may experience a greater degree of luck in their actions. However, be careful with regard to throwing excessive caution to the wind, for an accident or injury may occur.
February 2016 VIRGO Love Money Horoscope

Such caution may also be necessary in a romantic affair, given that your focus is on the moment. Your enhanced physical energy may find release in some sporting activity.

The effects of this transit can make you explode with excitement or anger.

VIRGO forecast February, 2016 The more you operate with tight boundaries in your relationship, the more you could be upset by events.

On the other hand, if you have bohemian tendencies, you might be driven to test how open and how far you can extend your relationship with someone, particularly with an intimate partner.

Flirting or expressing an appreciation for something off-the-wall are some of ways in which you might act.

This is an expansive phase for you where you can increase the influence of your ideas. More travel - perhaps to far-off countries - and greater intellectual curiosity, will enlarge your views of the world and your place in it.

Monthly VIRGO Fortune Horoscope February, 2016 You may be fortunate enough to find a mentor who can help you forward at this time. It pays to do things on a larger scale - especially as regards publicity and marketing.

You can reach a greater proportion of the public now. Act optimistically to realise your long-term visions for the future.

Because the Moon signifies your past and Saturn deals with structures, you can consolidate your experiences into real growth for your feelings and sense of ethics should be more in harmony.

This a good time to plan for a secured future given that you are more careful and businesslike right now.