February 2016 TAURUS Fortune Horoscope: avoid sinking into a depressing mood

TAURUS February 2016 Horoscope Zone You may experience the same fate if you try to escape from your responsibilities. The lesson is, apart from maintaining a balance in combining worldliness with a spiritual focus, that you should not blame other people for their failures, but accept your contribution to the problem.

Your efforts are directed at the here and now, and you are usually able to achieve whatever it is you undertake, purely from the strength of your determination.

You are ambitious rather than adaptable, strong-willed and resistant to external influences, and yet always ready for the next challenge. You set values and ideals high, and attainment is a constant goal.
February 2016 TAURUS Fortune Horoscope

You tend to overlook others' abilities. You should learn to trust other abilities and work in a mutual interdependent manner. You are a self-made man.

You have faced many difficult situations in life. Thus you were forced to stand on your own feet without any help from others.

2016 Taurus monthly horoscope forecast You have will power and the energy needed to struggle and fight with obstacles.

This karmic debt is due to the abuse of power in your previous lifetimes. But still you may gain from the support from others, as you are a very emotional and sensitive person.

This could be a good time to let go of something that has made you feel unhappy. Our attachment to objects and people often occurs to prop up our insecurity.

Once we can let them go, we are thus more able to take in the new experiences depicted by this conjunction.

You might acquire some unexpected income during this period, particularly if the second or eighth house is involved.

February 2016 Taurus Astrology predictions Emotional tension, conflict, and frustration are not uncommon, particularly with women or at work.

Unhealthy emotional reactions can be magnified to the point where it becomes obvious that they need to be dissolved. On the other hand, an insufficient expression of feelings can cause loneliness and depression.

You will need a lot of self-control and resourcefulness to endure hardship right now.

This is a time for serious reflection and meditation, which allows for a conscious effort to enhance your emotional security and balance your feelings within a social structure.