February 2016 SAGITTARIUS Fortune Horoscope LIFE-PATH: New life direction

Sagittarius February 2016 horoscope predictions An inner discontent with your life-style inspires you to re-examine the direction your life is taking, and this in turn will lead you to analyse any important relationships in a critical manner.

You do not want to waste time on superficial involvements, yet at the same time you know that you should either commit yourself or be alone.

You can be hard on yourself in this period, yet you discover new strength and self-sufficiency.

There can be quite a strong reorientation of the life mission at this time - a sense that destiny steps into your path and guides you in a new direction.
February 2016 SAGITTARIUS Fortune Horoscope

This will often mean that you will get involved with - or cross paths with - a very powerful group with a strong ideological orientation.

You may be required to take a position as regards the use and misuse of power on a collective level.

February 2016 Sagittarius Zodiac forecast You can expect to be challenged in a mysterious and fateful way now, and your personal integrity will be put to the test.

You feel a  need to  combine growth  and expansion with prudence and good management. Make your practical affairs conform to your philosophic ideals.  You exhibit  sound financial  management.

This is a great time to handle all  your business  and legal  affairs. Grow within your present boundaries.

Travel and interactions with foreign people and investments are favored, as are legal matters. Most new encounters or intimate relationships that are initiated under this transit will be fulfilling.

The potentially warm experience of this transit can set the target for other periods in your life.

Sagittarius transit astrology horoscope February 2016 Take care that you do not engage in certain excesses. For many people, this should not be a difficult transit, but there can be the occasional conceited, cocky, or vain mannerism shown.

Remember to only make promises when you know you can keep them.

If necessary, concern yourself with the way you present yourself--are you too arrogant and self-righteous?

This is a good time to treat people with sincere respect, for this period can be a test of excessive behavior, and it can help you focus on the reason(s) behind certain frustrations.