February 2016 LEO Fortune Horoscope: you will be able to deepen your intimate relationships

February 2016 LEO Horoscope Forecast You are in love with life and your joy is contagious. Therefore you are likely to attract many favourable relationships and enjoy social occasions. Your current relationships will also blossom during this transit. You may even find your finances receiving a boost.

The urge to get what you want may be strong, but instead of rushing out, you may need to take another look at what you're pursuing and how you're pursuing it.

Is it really in line with what you want or are you pursuing some kind of competition that has you going around in circles? Whether or not your action is beneficial, depends on its nature.
February 2016 LEO Fortune Horoscope

Learn to control of your needs and master your energy by taking action only when and where needed and you can can bring your endeavors in line with what you really want and gain a greater sense of control.

LEO February 2016 Horoscope predictions By bringing your own burning agenda back in line with the real world, you will be able to deepen your intimate relationships and re-energize yourself.

Power is a key word. You feel powerful and will cross paths with powerful people.

It is important to use your power in a positive manner and to avoid all manipulative plays at one-upmanship.

You meet life with a renewed vigour and intensity and need to remember that this may overwhelm others at times.

However, used wisely, the energies of this transit can assist you in achieving great changes and growth and in discovering things about yourself that you never knew existed.

February 2016 monthly horoscope reading for LEO Perhaps you feel that you would like to seek the comfort of old affiliations, but for some reason do not seem to be able to rely on former friendships. You may even feel anti-social, more in the mood to reassess your personal and business relationships than to mix.

You try hard to express yourself and your true intentions, but it is of little use. Either your words come out the wrong way, or others just don't seem to understand.

This can be quite frustrating as you know what you want to communicate, it just doesn't seem to be effective. It is not just verbal expression which is affected.