February 2016 CAPRICORN Fortune Horoscope: excellent time for bringing harmony into your relationships

Capricorn forecast horoscope February 2016 Some people establish significant personal unions during this transit, while others welcome the assistance of experienced professionals, such as consultants, counselors or advisers. Partnerships formed now are generally successful.

Instead, life's bigger questions occupy your mind and demand answers. Your interest in philosophy, religion and mysticism may deepen and strengthen. However, if you've been let down in any of these areas you may abandon them and become cynical.

Academically, this can be an excellent time to start a course of study, because you will have the discipline and seriousness of mind to apply yourself.
February 2016 CAPRICORN Fortune Horoscope

For the duration of this transit you will be motivated to act freely and independently. You require a lot of change and variety in your life now. Physically, you may alter your appearance in some way.

Capricorn horoscope zone February 2016 This is a time when your social life becomes a bit of a whirl. Others are attracted to you and seek your company. This can be an excellent time for bringing harmony into your relationships.

New friends will replace old ones and powerful benefactors may make themselves available to you. Equally, however, you should select your friends carefully now, as there is a risk of forming contacts with shady or even dangerous people.

During this transit you express a pleasant and cordial manner that others find attractive. Social affairs are easily arranged and staged now.

Capricorn monthly horoscope reading 2016 Sometimes this transit is accompanied by an unsettling external event that rocks your foundations and forces you to make radical changes in your life.

Other people or circumstances may inhibit your ability to carry on living in the manner to which you've been accustomed.

For instance, you could experience financial restrictions or hardships caused through others. E.g. someone may owe you money but won't pay, or you may have debts you can't repay easily.

Little annoyances could spoil what can be an otherwise pleasant period, if you're not careful. You should try to make every effort to get on with others and not to react to situations or provocations.