2016 VEDIC Horoscope TAURUS reading for UK: The lord of Happiness standing in the Happy Bhava

United Kingdom 2016 short vedic astrology horoscope forecast for TAURUS 

Lagna lord abiding in Fortune – one born will be fortunate, dear to people, a Vishnu devotee, an intense speaker and joined with wife, children and wealth.

Wealth lord standing in Dharma Bhava – a rich person, with zeal and diligence in undertakings, keen, sick in childhood but happy later and going on pilgrimages, following religion, performing spiritual practices, etc.

In the Eigth, the lord of Brother – the person born is a born thief, disposed to slaving away for his livelihood and dies at a king’s door.

The lord of Happiness standing in the Happy Bhava – a minister/one doing mantras, endowed with all riches, clever, possessed of good character, esteemed, knowledgeable, beloved by women and happy.

2016 VEDIC Horoscope TAURUS predictions for UK

The lord of Offspring abiding in the Lagna – the one born is knowledgeable, endowed with pleasurable children, a miser, crooked minded and one who takes other’s property.

The Sixth lord standing in the Happy Bhava – devoid of happiness of the mother, intelligent, treacherous/slanderous, hostile, fickle-minded and very opulent.

2016 TAURUS Vedic horoscope predictions (United Kingdom)

The lord of Wife standing in the Happy Bhava – the wife is not living under one’s will. One is oneself endeared to truth, intelligent, virtuously souled and joined to dental disease.  

The Eigth lord in the Body, the one born is deprived of bodily well-being, scorning Devas and Brahmins, and joined with wounds/ abscesses/tumours.

The lord of Fortune standing in the 4th Bhava – endowed with happiness from house and vehicles, joined with all fulfillment and devoted to mother is the person.

The lord of Karma standing in the Flaw Bhava – causes the person to be devoid of occupation; longlived the one born defames others as his primary goal.

The lord of Gain standing in the Fortune Bhava – produces a fortunate person, ingenious, a truthful speaker, honoured by the king and a lord of wealth.

The lord of Loss standing in the Wealth Bhava – always spending on good deeds, Dharmic, speaking lovely and endowed with qualities and happiness.