2016 VEDIC Horoscope ARIES reading for INDIA: The lord of Fortune standing in the Wife Bhava

2016 yearly short vedic astrology horoscope reading for ARIES

Lagna lord in Tenth – one born is possessed with happiness from father, respected by kings, known to people, and will without doubt have self-acquired wealth.

Wealth lord standing in the Gain Bhava – fully endowed with all gains, high in assemblies, esteemed and praised by people.

In the Sibling, the lord of Brother – endowed with the happiness of co-borns, joined with wealth and children, one is merry and delightfully comfortable.

The lord of Happiness abiding in the Gain – the one born is distressed by hidden disease, virtous, endowed with good qualities, charitable and gratified by benefiting others.

2016 VEDIC Horoscope ARIES free  reading

The lord of Offspring abiding in Gain – the one born is learned, beloved by the people, an author, of great expertise and endowed with many children and much wealth.

The Sixth lord in the Tenth Bhava – enjoying honour, famous in his community/family, and no devotion for the father, a speaker, in another country and happy.

2016 ARIES Vedic horoscope predictions (INDIA) 

The lord of Wife in the Seventh Bhava – endowed with marital happiness, the one born is wise, conspicuous, intelligent and merely Vata diseased.

The lord of Flaw standing in the Happy Bhava – deprived of mother in infancy, destitute of happiness from house and land, and without doubt a false friend.

The lord of Fortune standing in the Wife Bhava – more and more happiness from the union with the wife, virtuous and praised Dvijasattama.

The lord of Royalty standing in the Wife Bhava – the one born is accompanined by marital happiness, sensible, virtuous, loquacious, and devoted to truth and Dharma.

The lord of Gain standing in the Happy Bhava – causes gain from the mother’s family and journeys to holy places; the one born is endowed with happiness from house and land.

The lord of Loss standing in the Wife Bhava – the wife is always making expenses; he will not have marital happiness and be deprived of strength and knowledge.