2016 Relocation Horoscope for LEO, Abertown NJ to Abanaka OH: Being here can help you to rise in your career

2016 Relocation Forecast for  LEO, Abertown New Jersey to Abanaka Ohio Interacting socially with others is what you are about here. You are engaging, charming and fun to be with and generally well-liked.

You thrive on company and tend to attract aesthetic and creative people into your life. You may develop a discriminating eye for the arts and the finer things in life here.

Whilst you always prefer harmony over discord, there is the likelihood that certain people will manage to 'push your buttons' here.

Your reputation is precious to you here and you will go to great lengths to keep it in good shape. You have a desire to care for and help others and may be suited to careers involving catering, hospitality, natural therapies, nursing, general commerce or family businesses.
2016 Relocation Horoscope for  LEO Abertown NJ to Abanaka OH

Personal and professional partnerships tend to go well for you here, at least in financial terms. 

LEO relocation horoscope 2016 (love, money, health) Partners can provide you with some degree of material security and you may enjoy economic successes together. Philosophically, you may develop an interest in esoteric matters and the supernatural.

You are ambitious for your family here and upwardly mobile in your choice of housing.

Vocational matters are often at the forefront of your mind here. Your career can get a boost through careful planning and strategic thinking. 

Professional areas that can succeed here include business, academic work, writing, journalism, politics and the communication industries. 

You can develop your organisational skills, leadership capabilities and decision-making abilities.

You tend to attract the company of active, energetic and enthusiastic people here. You are direct and competitive in your personal relationships and need a partner who's not afraid to spar with you. Marital quarrels and disagreements are very likely. 

Possibly, you could experience the enmity of aggressive and angry people. You tend to make and break contacts quickly and impulsively here.