2016 RAT Predictions For Love and Money - RAT Horoscope 2016 Chinese Zodiac Forecast

Yearly Chinese Horoscope for RAT Chinese New Year 2016 horoscope for RAT

January 28, 1960 to February 14, 1961: Metal Rat
February 15, 1972 to February 2, 1973: Water Rat
February 2, 1984 to February 19, 1985: Wood Rat
February 19, 1996 to February 6, 1997: Fire Rat
February 7, 2008 to January 25, 2009: Earth Rat

2016 Red Monkey Year chinese Horoscope forecast for RAT: love, luck, money, work, family forecast

The first position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Rat, is one of charm, creativity, and survival. Those souls born into Rat years learn the lesson of “concealment,” as an embryo is hidden within the womb. The Rat is analytical, always curious, and highly intelligent.

Rat Polarity: yang (positive)
Rat Alternate name: Mouse
Rat Symbolism: infant, seed
2016 HORSE Predictions For Love and Money
Rat Lucky color: midnight blue
Rat Gem: turquoise
Rat Feng shui direction: north
Rat Lucky number: three

The best career choices for the Rat include salesperson, technical writer, art or film critic, business owner, pawnbroker or antique dealer, financial lender, politician, musician, philosopher, or scientist. Rats will also make excellent managers, bosses, and business owners.

Love Compatibility of the Rat 2016. Best Matches for Rat: Ox, Rabbit, Dragon

They can get along with Ox, Rabbit and Dragon partners, and their relationship will be well maintained as fresh as before. There is no big rise and fall in their life time, but will never be a lack of romance and passion.

2016 RAT Horoscope Predictions in year of Red Fire Monkey

2016 is not a good year for love relationship for Rat people. It will take more time for people looking for love to find the ideal partner. Year of Monkey is easier to bring up argument or dispute.

For Rat people in love should be careful to watch out their words and acts. There is a moving-and-changing sign in 2016.

Some Rat people might be quite busy in job position or love relationship.

Making friends and business contacts will also prove helpful to the Rat. The Year of the Fire Monkey emphasizes quality over quantity, so intimate parties will prove more enjoyable than big bashes.

Rats love to mingle, so this trend will be a welcome one. Monkey years have a way of improving your social status.

This is good news for the Rat, who is a master at performing jobs on time and under budget. Before embarking on a salary negotiation, prepare some charts that illustrate your contributions to the company. Once you strike a deal, make sure to get the terms in writing.

You look for security in a relationship, and like to show off your good taste and good looks.

You are easily impressed by gifts and by those who are materially well-off, and will probably achieve the desired material security in a partnership.

Conversely however, you may eventually become disillusioned by your material dependence, thus losing a sense of balance in your life as well as your emotional harmony.