2016 PISCES Numerology Predictions: Karmic Lessons Number is - 2 4 6 8

2016 PISCES yearly numerology reading You may encounter life-threatening situations that test your survival instincts. Dealing with wills, inheritances and legacies is possible.

Also, you may be an effective manager of other people's funds, or a successful debt collector. Occult matters may interest you.

You have an impartial mind, coupled with the ability to appreciate many points of view. You have natural powers of comparison, which can lead to skills in diplomacy and mediation.
2016 pisces numerology predictions horoscope

Well-versed in the finer points of social decorum, you interact well with others.

You have good manners, refined attitudes and good taste. At times, you can be indecisive and inclined to sit on the fence.

2016 PISCES numerology Karmic Lessons Number 2
You have confidence in yourself and you think that you can face up to any situation without taking help from others.

You like to work on your own and don't like the interference of others.

You lack patience and make hasty decisions. You don't have the perseverance to go into details and thus miss out on some important and significant points. Taking help from others will help you overcome these shortcomings.

2016 PISCES numerology Karmic Lessons Number 4
This Karmic lesson is to battle against being disorganized so as to become more methodical. You have been avoiding the necessary work and it is now left to other people to shoulder the burden.

This is also due to being pampered by wealth and luxury. You will have to start from the beginning in this lifetime to accomplish something.

You are confused about the direction of your life. You will have to adopt a methodical and disciplined approach. This is the time to lay the foundation of your life.

2016 PISCES Karmic Lessons Number 6
You need to be tactful as well as honest in maintaining a harmonious relationship. In this lifetime, you will get little help from family and associates.

You need to make lots of adjustments in your life, and also in the lives of new people. You will have to work hard on maintaining relationships. You will have to make lots of commitments in life, along with the obligations you will have to handle.

2016 PISCES Karmic Lessons Number 8
This is a time to gain a sum of wealth but that would be lost, spent or squandered quickly. You will strongly feel its value then.

However you will be modestly rich, and will really feel the burden of it. This will make you independent and stubborn.

You should learn to be financially efficient. There is a probability for you to experience major ups and downs in your financial affairs, due to your lack of caution in handling your finances.