2016 LEO female & TAURUS male Vedic marriage horoscope: They will have lot of respect and love for each other

LEO female & TAURUS male Matchmaking Score is: 25.5  The marriage compatibility score is very good. This speaks of only good in all respects pertaining to married life. Marriage between the prospective pair is highly recommended. There couple will live in harmony and will help in each other's progress in life.

The Taurus’s varan is Kshatriya, while the Leo comes under Brahmin varan. A combination that could be binding if envy does not get in the way. If they can think in terms of ”we” instead of ”I”, they can achieve a lot together.

No problem will be too great for them, if they meet it in the true spirit of cooperation. At times, Taurus’s behavior may be generated by ego and he may find it difficult to adjust himself with the Leo’s attitude.
2016 LEO female & TAURUS male Vedic marriage horoscope

In turn, she may feel that the Taurus ignores her and does not applause her sincere efforts and hard work as far as domestic affairs are concerned. If other gunas are matched well, then this alliance may be taken into consideration.

2016 Vedic Horoscope for marriage Taurus and Leo The Taurus’s tara is Vipat, while the Leo comes under Mitra tara. This combination indicates that the Taurus may behave indifferently, at times. He may get confused too and run after illusionary thoughts.

She will help him to come out from his dilemma as and when she realizes his difficulties. She will also act like good friends and advise him on certain issues.

Both have to understand each other's point of views with all sympathy and should respond accordingly.

We give importance to overall compatibility, if that exist alliance should be taken into consideration.

The Taurus’s rasi lord is Mars and the Leo comes under Jupiter’s lordship.

This is a good combination for a constructive, practical co-operation in the family and domestic affairs.

They will be effective in taking practical action to help those less fortunate than themselves.

This generosity can relate to religious, charitable or educational institutions. Generally, these natives will encourage each other’s efforts at physical, spiritual or personal self-improvements.

2016 marriage horoscope predictions LEO female & TAURUS male The Leo can help to channel the energy of the Taurus into more constructive actions. The Taurus will help the other to put educational, philosophical or religious goals into action.

The Taurus’s nadi is Madhya and the Leo comes under Antya nadi. This is an excellent combination.

The natives share many intellectual, spiritual and philosophical interests.

They will also improve each other’s capacity for hard headed, practical thinking, especially in such areas as science, writing and organizational activities.

They will have lot of respect and love for each other. This combination strengthens the overall compatibility of the charts.