2016 ARIES Numerology Forecast: You don't like to be in stressful relationship

Numerology Report for Cancer sign in 2016: LIFE PATH 6

Life path number is one of the most important numbers that gives an overall idea about the life of a person. It is a number that is formed by adding the numbers of your birth date.

Life path number is a number, which is also called a person's life direction number since in a way it tells you how your life would continue throughout.

This number tells us about the traits that you are born with, and the traits that you will keep acquiring and developing in your life span.

Life path number 6 generally means that you are a family person. You are caring and you make a good parent. A person of this number likes to be in a domestic environment and their life usually revolves around the family and home.
2016 numerology oracle cancer basic facts
2016 CANCER Numerology Forecast

You are humanitarian at heart and are always looking for something, which you can do for the society at large. You are practical and realistic in your approach towards life.

You make good advisors and do well in service-oriented jobs. You also have leadership qualities in yourself since you like to take responsibilities and burdens and help others.

In a relationship you make loyal and devoted partners. You share a complete harmonious relationship with each other. You don't like to be in stressful relationships, as you don't know how to control them.

With friends you are loyal and trustworthy. Sometimes you might be a little dominating. You start to understand the problems of others at an early age and this makes you a wise, balanced and understanding person.

2016 Cancer Sign Numerology: Heart's Desire / Personality Bridge number is 4

Avoid procrastination.  Try to be more reliable and punctual.

Be practical, methodical, and systematic in your endeavors.  Keep track of details; avoid chaos. Work on the basics of life.

Physical and outdoor activities bring you closer to yourself, so get out in nature, work in the garden, or build a fence.

2016 Cancer Sign Numerology: You have a Karmic Lesson 8  

Cancer, you can attract a considerable amount of money and even be a good business person, but you experience major ups and downs in your financial affairs, due largely to your lack of caution in handling your resources.

You are highly independent and do not want to be told how to do things.  You have great problems with authority figures.  This stems from a kind of know-it-all attitude and stubborn behavior that prevents you from knowing your limits.

You will have to work at knowing how to handle money.  In all likelihood, you will attract enough of it, but it has a tendency to slip through your fingers.

This Karmic Lesson forces you to learn your limitations, and the limitations of your resources.

2016 Cancer Sign Numerology: Your Personal Month for January 2016 is 7  

Cancer, January is a 7 Personal Month in a 6 Personal Year and brings stability and clarity.  Your career shows promise, but there is not any promotion or practical gain just yet.

If you are involved in legal affairs or have wanted to take care of something that  involves the law, this month is a good time to start the necessary procedures.

You may be notified of an impending legal procedure that affects you or a loved one.