2016 Aries female & Leo male Vedic marriage horoscope: An apparent disharmony may prevail in general endeavors

Aries female & Leo male  Matchmaking Score is: 19 The marriage compatibility score is above-average. This is indicative of overall favourable results in respect of matters pertaining to married life in general, and good harmony is married life is assured. Marriage between the prospective pair is recommended.

The Leo’s varan is Brahmin and the Aries’s varan is Shudra. The Leo may not like the way the Aries
wants to handle the domestic affairs.

On the other hand, the Aries may resent his philosophical approach even in small matters.

An apparent disharmony may prevail in general endeavors.

However, the Aries’s ability to do work will be tremendous, but the Leo may feel that she does not
apply enough brain in her work.
2016 Aries female & Leo male Vedic marriage horoscope reading

This could cause difference of opinion on these matters. If other gunas are matched well, then this factor may be ignored.

2016 Vedic Horoscope for marriage Aries and Leo The Leo’s tara is Sampat and the Aries belongs to Atimitra tara.

This will be a happy and fruitful match, as these two people have a sound understanding of each other’s needs.

They also have innately co-operative spirits and will allow each other a fair degree of independence and assertiveness.

The natives will be loyal friends and can accomplish much that is constructive through mutual cooperation. They will collectively fight back in odd / adverse situations.

2016 marriage horoscope predictions Aries female & Leo male  The Leo’s rasi lord is Jupiter and the Aries comes under Mercury lordship. This is not a very good combination.

The Aries can regard the Leo as uncertain and impractical, while the Leo may regard the
Aries as overly concerned with details and lacking in wisdom and broad philosophical out look.

The natives, sometimes, encourage each other to over indulge in extravagance, unrealistic and
impractical thinking, dreaming and wool-gathering.

There can be differences of opinion in the handling of domestic and family affairs. However, if other gunas are matched well, then this combination may be taken into consideration.