TAURUS October 2015 Numerology Forecast Reading: you have a creative and artistic bend of mind as well

October 2015 TAURUS Numerology Reading You are practical and down to earth person. You work hard and finish a project on time successfully.

You are a good organizer and meticulous in your work .You expect the same trait from others as well.

You are never in a hurry and want to take your own time and do things in your own way. You like to delve into the details of a matter to make the whole thing foolproof.

There is dissatisfaction the urge to reject the what is at hand.

Resist turning away from the rewards that do exist, altough they may not be all that you desire, there is still much good present.
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Numerology Forecast for Taurus Zodiac, October 2015  You like to be responsible people and do things in a diligent manner. In spite of being practical, you have a creative and artistic bend of mind as well.

You like to socialize and are keen to lend your helping hand to others.

Sometimes you seem to interfere too much in other's matters and try to dominate and lead them in your own way.

Too much confidence in yourself makes you a rigid and stubborn person.

You do not adapt to changes and are not receptive to new ideas and viewpoints.

Your actions may appear 'foolish' to others, or even to yourself, if you try to analyze them with the rational mind.

But the 'zero' place occupied by the Fool is the numberless number where trust and innocence are the guides, not skepticism and past experience.

Taurus October 2015 Numerology Predictions If life these days feels like just a struggle from the cradle to the grave, it could be time to shrug your shoulders and see what it feels like to walk without these characters on your back.

This could well be a high-water mark (however brief it may be) with regard to your concern and love for family, younger people, and /or something to do with your past, in general.

This is a result or fruition point, and a time to stop pushing forward and a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor.