TAROT READING for AQUARIUS October 2015: tarot card reminds you about your special path in life

AQUARIUS October lucky fortune tarot oracle The Knight of Cups is the energy of romantic idealization in all its glory. If you have ever known a partner who had a tendency to put you on a proverbial pedestal, well here they are.

The problem with this energy is it has a tendency to be a bit manic by nature, and one moment you are the love of his or her life and the next moment you are the ‘thorn in their ass’.

They also have a tendency to be a bit jealous by nature, there is a possibility of a stalker in the making here. Let’s get more positive now, after all nobody’s perfect!

Relationships need to be carefully examined at this time, especially those which are limping along or defying all efforts to revive them.

A clean break is probably the best solution here although admittedly any action of this sort is always rather drastic because it's for final so just have one last go at the kiss of life before reaching your decision.

Those of you who are blissfully happy or have little to complain about still shouldn't be feeling too smug and complacent.

Familiarity can eventually breed contempt and in order to avoid such a contingency try not to be quite so predictable and dream up a few surprises for each other  just to make sure that the magic's still there and stays there.

TAROT READING for AQUARIUS October 2015: Possible Events   You must learn to judge yourself and analyze your actions. Often we are inundated with higher thoughts and resort to the negative barriers we create in our conscious mind.

Careless application of our thoughts shows in our actions, which disappoints those we love and offends our higher consciousness.

Total balance is needed; to achieve this we must learn to understand the power we have over our own existence. How can be have a high, noble thoughts and then commit deeds that make us ashamed?

Once we learn to blend the High Self with our daily thinking pattern, we will learn how to avoid the pitfalls experienced when we operate only on a materialistic level.

As we learn to blend the two levels, we will blossom and mature spiritually. We will grow stronger and develop an inner strength that will help us to steer our lives in the right direction.