October 2015 Numerology Forecast ARIES to PISCES: Try to attain peace by learning to see life from spiritual point of view

October 2015 Numerology Forecast ARIES This is the time when you would like to start new ventures. Careful decisions should be taken at this time to get the best results in future. You are brimming with new and innovative ideas for the future. This is a period to give vent to your creative side and maintain your originality.

October 2015 Numerology Predictions TAURUS You can be inspirational to others and have the ability to lead merely by your own example. You have an inborn inner strength and awareness and this can make you an excellent teacher, social worker, philosopher, or advisor. You have a high degree of intuition, which makes you successful in occult studies

October 2015 Numerology Forecast Gemini You have the potential for success, which makes
october 2015 numerology reading for all zodiac signs
others attracted towards you. You would love to be totally free and unreserved by responsibility. You love traveling and meeting people of different cultures. You live for adventure and are ready to take risks. You are quick and active.

October 2015 Numerology Forecast CANCER You want to help others without wanting anything in return. You like to socialize and seek the company of others. You like to work in teams and are kind and compassionate. You have a creative and artistic bend of mind and appreciate beauty in different forms.

October 2015 Numerology Reading LEO You are very discriminative and this is shown in a very negative way. You show a false pride and this will not let your real self come to the forefront. You should avoid the tendency to remain isolated and have confidence in your own abilities and face the world. There is a possibility that your marriage might get delayed if this challenge is not overcome by you. Try to attain peace by learning to see life from spiritual point of view.

October 2015 Numerology Forecast VIRGO Avoid confrontations  that involve your ego. Instead, channel the energy and  potential hostility into something creative like your favorite hobby. The important thing is to express yourself in a constructive manner. How about  playing in the park with a group of children? Do  not overexert  yourself or  put too much strain on your heart.

October 2015 Numerology Oracle Libra This is a good period for you to mix, and to meet exciting new people, of a similar nature to yourself.  Be careful not to overstay your welcome, or to overindulge in things that interest you.  Some people may think you a little arrogant, but you may not realize or understand why.

October 2015 Numerology Forecast Scorpion Practical thinking, clear intellect, consciousness of goals, organizational talent. Favorable for matters of business, negotiations, correspondence, short trips, acquaintanceships.

October 2015 Numerology Forecast Sagittarius Now  is the time to broaden your horizons. You really like  people today  and have warm-hearted feelings about them. And they feel the same towards  you. Consider new ideas and seek to widen your  experiences.

October 2015 Numerology Forecast Capricorn Indefatigability, untiring resolve, struggle for reform and innovation, fanatic striving for transformation, strong sense of goals, creation of new conditions of life.

October 2015 Numerology Predictions Aquarius Life is certain to bring you a lot of challenges and disruptions.  If you do not learn to control these changes, you may have to visit somebody in a position to help, whom you have previously thought useless.  You will be doing something that you thought you would never do; this will make you feel a failure, but in truth it is only a stepping stone to lasting success at a later date.

October 2015 Numerology Forecast Pisces You like to maintain harmony in all respects and you can maintain peace. You like to work in a team. You are also helpful to others. You don't want recognition in return. You are basically very creative and artistic and have great appreciation for beauty in any form. You are also calm, sensitive and emotional.