October 2015 LIBRA Love Horoscope Forecast: ARIES and LIBRA compatibility predictions

Love Horoscope October 2015 Libra woman and Aries man Relationships between Fire and Air personalities are rarely dull. Aries is enthusiastic and ambitious and Libra loves ideas.

Together, you bounce off one another, share plans and become excited by possibilities. Both are willing to take risks and make changes.

Problems can arise between you, however, through a lack of practicality.

Communication is vital to this relationship. Aries encourages you to speak your mind and you will probably have many heart to heart discussions with each other.

He may tend to initiate or dominate conversations. After all, he likes to be at the centre of attention.
October 2015 LIBRA Love Horoscope Forecast

One of the best ways to keep things stimulating between you is to have the occasional short trip away together.

Financial matters feature strongly in this relationship. He is straight up and forthright in his views about how you should manage your money and spending.

Conflicts can arise quickly when you don't see 'eye to eye' on how money is to be spent. He may attempt to dominate financial arrangements.

October 2015 ARIES & LIBRA love forecast reading Your direction in life suddenly came to a crossroad when you met him.

All of a sudden you started considering alternative personal or professional options. He awakened you to a raft of possibilities and pointed out that there are numerous life-paths on offer to check out.

You are lucky to have Libra in your life; she lifts you out of your world and shows you what is possible when you extend yourself and take chances.

Rest assured, she has your best interests at heart and won't lead you into situations that you can't handle.

If you like stressful relationships then you are made for one another. This combination is hard work.

Expect many disagreements and arguments. 

You have quite different approaches to life; one is highly sensitive and relates to others emotionally and the other is impulsive and insensitive to the needs of others.