November 2015 Horoscope AQUARIUS and SCORPIO LOVE forecast: This relationship has a marked effect on the overall attitudes

November 2015 AQUARIUS man and  SCORPIO woman love horoscope zone You approach problems and solve mental problems in very different ways, and this tends to be a source of friction in your relationship.

For example, one of you may feel that the other depends too much on intuition rather than logic, or makes decisions too impulsively, or focuses too narrowly, etc.

These differences tend to be very irritating to each other, so try to be very tolerant of each other. Sometimes you will simply not be able to work together on a problem; you will need to sometimes work independently of each other to "stay out of each other's hair".

More importantly, SCORPIO is very emotionally attached to people and can be become intensely jealous.
November 2015 Love Horoscope AQUARIUS man and  SCORPIO woman

AQUARIUS is cool, unemotional, and rather aloof by comparison. AQUARIUS needs lots of friends and acquaintances and SCORPIO's possessiveness can be a real sore point between you, if you become close friends.

November AQUARIUS and SCORPIO love horoscope predictions You are also both quite stubborn, inflexible, and rather opinionated.

Irritability over others' inefficiency, lack of punctuality, or sloppiness often makes SCORPIO difficult to get along with.

SCORPIO's perfectionism is turned inward as well, so that SCORPIO may feel inadequate or that accomplishments are "never enough".

Learning self-acceptance, self-love, and relaxation are important for SCORPIO's well-being, and
AQUARIUS can contribute significantly to this because AQUARIUS is more accepting and non-judgmental than SCORPIO is.

AQUARIUS, on the other hand, has a lot of emotional ups and downs and appreciates SCORPIO's quiet devotion to tasks and faithful friendship.

You challenge each other's religious, political, and philosophical beliefs. You may experience differences of opinion that are difficult to reconcile.

You are also inclined to take risks together and speculate, sometimes foolishly.