New England Patriots 2015- 2016 horoscope predictions: Reforms and innovations you instigate now will work to your advantage

NFL 2015 - 2016 astrology fortune predictions The New England Patriots are a professional American football team based in the Greater Boston area. The Patriots play their home games at Gillette Stadium in the town of Foxborough, Massachusetts, which is located 21 miles (34 km) southwest of downtown Boston.

In November 1971, fans voted on a 10-year Patriots anniversary team, which coincided with the team's ten years in the then-defunct American Football League: Additional selections for returner, special teamer, and coach were added in 2009.

NFL horoscope predictions: fortune astrology transit for New England Patriots

This is a potent configuration, which requires careful handling because the potential for success is great, but so too is the risk of disaster if you over-estimate yourself and your abilities.

New England Patriots horoscope natal chart forecast

By way of an illustration to the power of this planetary pairing for gain and loss some authors have referred to it as the "make a million, lose a million" aspect.

Therefore proceed with caution if contemplating taking risks that are more than you can withstand. Compulsive behavior and power plays are common with this transit and you have to be very careful who you take on as an opponent.

NFL season 2015 - 2016 New England Patriots forecast If you are at all creative, this can be a wonderful transit because it charges your imagination and powers of inspiration. Your intuition is powerful now and there is the possibility you will experience premonitions.

New friends will replace old ones and powerful benefactors may make themselves available to you. Equally, however, you should select your friends carefully now, as there is a risk of forming contacts with shady or even dangerous people.

Nothing seems to happen quickly enough. Your self-confidence and optimism may seem to temporarily desert you. However, successes are possible now through hard work and self-discipline.

At this time, you can accomplish a great deal through concentrated effort and concentration upon specific objectives.

You may work to the point of physical exhaustion now, yet this shouldn't daunt you, as your recuperative powers are stronger than usual. Intense drive and determination are consistent with this planetary combination.