LOVE HOROSCOPE KYLIE JENNER & TYGA: This is indeed a passionate union

Compatibility forecast horoscope for KYLIE JENNER & TYGA

Romance is a major theme in a union which involves the Moon and the planet Neptune.

With this combination of planets Kylie Jenner and Tyga both feel that they are meant to be together. Perhaps they believe that it is a union of their souls.

This is the height of romantic love. Kylie and Tyga intuitively understand each other and as a result their relationship proceeds from the start in a gentle and loving manner.

They may simply enjoy relaxing in each other's company or together Kylie and Tyga may enjoy creative and harmonious pastimes which enhance their union bringing joy and fulfilment.

Kylie's Moon Trine Tyga's Jupiter. This is a positive combination for any relationship enabling Kylie and Tyga to overcome any obstacles in life and embrace the happiness of the present moment.


Kylie Jenner and Tyga enjoy each other's company and feel a certain zest for life when together. They share a need for fun-filled adventures and the capability of achieving their goals.

Kylie and Tyga feel that the world is their oyster that is ready to explore together.

Kylie is likely to be the more dominant person in the relationship believing her identity and individuality are likely to be enhanced by the association.

Perhaps Kylie receives emotional support from Tyga which contributes to a greater sense of being alive and an ability to achieve her personal goals.

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Kylie Jenner may appreciate Tyga's emotional insights. On the other hand Tyga feels comforted by the relationship, perhaps playing a supportive role and offering emotional insights and comfort.

Alternatively Tyga may simply feel secure within the relationship, experiencing a sense of well-being.

This relationship provides Tyga with a supportive base from which to explore life.