LOVE Horoscope Gemini & Sagittarius 2016: This relationship inspires creativity and originality

2016 the Astrology Compatibility Report for Gemini and Sagittarius

While Gemini tends to focus on the trees, Sagittarius is interested in the forest. Very often Gemini points out problems with specific details of any situation, while Sagittarius would rather discuss the overall, general outlook rather than the practical details. 

These different approaches can balance each other. They are also likely to conflict with each other at times, especially when Sagittarius feels that the details will take care of themselves and Gemini should simply have more faith in the process.

Gemini tends to allow Sagittarius to lead, and gives in to Sagittarius rather easily. 
2016 gemini sagittarius relationship love horoscope

You should enjoy a good, honest fight, or tennis match, or other strong expression of your emotions on occasion; otherwise, tension and actual dislike may develop between you.

2016 Love Horoscope Forecast Sagittarius & Gemini Sagittarius is spontaneous and direct in expressing desires and feelings; Gemini is careful and controlled, often quite subdued. 

Sagittarius tends to be a bit self-centered and expects to get what he/she wants, whereas Gemini often feels undeserving of pleasure, comfort or the fulfillment of desires. 

Gemini instinctively feels that hard work will be necessary to achieve anything (emotional satisfaction or personal ambitions). Sagittarius instinctively believes "I can". 

Gemini is a doubter, and this can be a problem between you. Positively, Gemini can help Sagittarius gain some emotional distance and detachment from irritating situations because Sagittarius tends to take everything personally and Gemini does not.

2016 Yearly Astrology Love Zone Sagittarius and Gemini Your relationship is dynamic and energetic. If both of you enjoy athletic sports or other physical activities, you will have a wonderful time sharing these interests.  

You work well as a team and you are able to coordinate your efforts in a very harmonious, successful way.

You enjoy sharing ideas about the arts, literature, and people but often you fail to understand each other and sometimes reach a complete impasse. 

Your feelings towards each other are sometimes misunderstood, too. Both of you will have to 
tolerate one another's different points of view for this relationship to work successfully.