LEO and CAPRICORN Love Horoscope November, 2015: Enjoy and live for the moment

November, 2015 Leo man & Capricorn woman Love Forecast Your Love Horoscope report reveals your areas of harmony and compatibility as well as your areas of tension and conflict. Hold in mind that human relationships are complex and contradictions can occur in the astrology interpretation.

Relationships between Fire and Air personalities are rarely dull. Leo is enthusiastic and ambitious and Capricorn loves ideas.

Together, you bounce off one another, share plans and become excited by possibilities. Both are willing to take risks and make changes. Problems can arise between you, however, through a lack of practicality.

Together, you come across as two people who are constantly competing with each other; or jointly against others in the environment.
LEO and CAPRICORN Love Horoscope November

LEO and CAPRICORN compatibility love astrology reading Your personal dynamic with each other is often stressed and tense, with frequent arguments and ego clashes.

Individually, you tend to challenge everything the other one wants to do. There is the need to curb your tempers and aggressive attitudes. There may also be issues of control and dominance.

You are captivated with each other; however what you expect and what you get from one another are often quite different.

Still, there is a lot of romance going on. Enjoy and live for the moment.

November 2015 LEO and CAPRICORN love predictions You are constantly intrigued with one another and have the ability to hold sway over each other by being unpredictable and unconventional. You receive much stimulation from one another. Your days and nights together are never boring.

Other people may not understand the nature of your relationship; but that doesn't worry either of you. If you end up living together your domestic arrangements will tend to be irregular.

You like your individual freedom and need occasional periods apart; but just long enough to miss each other. Intuition between you is strong.