January 2016 VIRGO Fortune HOROSCOPE: Spiritual or artistic themes in relationships

VIRGO January 2016 horoscope reading You feel good on January 2016 and are able to express yourself well. You show leadership in some way and authority figures are helpful. Your confidence level is high and dealings with others are favorable.

If you have planted good crops in the past then the yield will be rewarding. However, if you have planted on rocky ground, then the crops may fail.

Either way you find yourself having to put in the hard work to bring in the crop. If you are reaping rewards, there are extra responsibilities.

Lacking calm and feeling rather ruthless, you could do something that you would regret later.
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Control your temper in disputes with those in authority, or you could create difficulties for yourself and your loved ones.

January 2016 Virgo Astrology forecast You are acting on impulse, so count to ten before you say or do something harmful to yourself or your friends.  Don't start new business agreements now, because of the possibility of disagreements.

You are likely to meet new people, who are able to help you achieve your personal goals. It is also likely that you come into contact with new groups of people, particularly spiritual or artistic groups.

Your usual optimism has been dampened by recent circumstances and you could easily feel disillusioned. Remember that this is a passing phase.

The intention is to encourage you to take a slower pace and to reflect on the spiritual side of life. You are not alone.

VIRGO January 2016 horoscope oracle If you can take a short trip, something very pleasurable will come your way.  Buy yourself a gift.

You will feel happy and content in this period; your good spirits will cheer everyone else up too.

Spiritual or artistic themes in relationships. Sharing ideal settings and conditions. Positive expectations. Good feelings.

There is a wall between you and others.  You will either have to get more in touch with your relationships, or expect those to end which are no longer in your mutual best interests.

This is certain to be a very testing time for you in any kind of relationship.