January 2016 CANCER HOROSCOPE predictions: disproportionate romantic attachment

Cancer LOVE horoscope forecast January, 2016 Matters of the heart feature strongly now. You may become the object of someone's romantic desires, or you, in turn, could be smitten with another.

Established relationships, too, can go through a period of increased warmth and affection.

Alternatively, romance may not feature at all at this time; instead your life becomes a whirl of social engagements or pleasure seeking activities.

You may be inclined to indulge yourself and over-spend on such things as luxury items, fine clothes or beauty products.

Some individuals who are more obsessed (rather than in love) can be vulnerable to experiencing a disproportionate romantic attachment.
January 2016 CANCER HOROSCOPE predictions

If appropriate, try to realize such effects in order to achieve the necessary growth.

Horoscope predictions Cancer January 2016 It is very important that you avoid trying to force control or your view of stability onto another during this time.

Pluto has the habit of intensifying or destroying things. If there are unresolved issues in a relationship, this transit can bring them out.

Focus is on making Abundant choices; Needing to choose; Imagination; Daydreams;                                                  
Being overwhelmed; Abundance of Desires.                                                                                       You are experiencing confusion in making decisions. You are given choices between the mystical and the material or the real and the illusory.

A phlethora of opportunities must be examined.

Unimportant disagreement has raised obstacles. It can be solved but someone must make the first move.

January 2016 Cancer astrology horoscope Watch a tendency to argue with friends, display impatience, especially while driving, and to generally be on edge.

Do not let your high energy level today cause you to become reckless or careless. Pay attention to the things you do and slow down a bit. Remember, discipline.

Don't go looking for trouble this month. Trouble will find you quick enough. Watch your offhand remarks. You may bum more people out than you think.

 Be careful driving or working on machinery. Don't let little irritations get to you. Be tactful.