December CANCER TAROT fortune predictions: The number 21 is one of success and creativity

December 2015 Tarot reading for CANCER zodiac There may be a promotion or a new position that’s both challenging and promising in our future. It can reflect moving to a new home or city.

In  investment circles, you may buy and sell with skill for you project far into the future with your planning. You see opportunities and have the spirit to go into action on your decisions.

Seldom do you let the opinions of others sway you from your projected goal. Since you are a pioneer in many fields, there are a few who could advise you anyway.

The number 21 is one of success and creativity. The angels revel in the path that you’ve followed to this point, and you may even feel an energetic pat on the back.
December CANCER TAROT fortune predictions

Now you’re asked to remain on the path of optimism and positive thinking so that you can attain even more.

Astrology Tarot Fortune, Cancer sign December 2015 Saturn is the planet of testing and challenge. It’s said to be the planet where we work through our karma so that we can evolve in this lifetime. Saturn points out where we’re restricted or held back. 

Its association with The World card shows us that we’ve broken through our barriers.

During such a period, opportunities will present themselves to gain a deeper understanding of your partner and with it, hopefully, greater respect. 

The slant is definitely one of hearts, flowers and romance so if you feel like penning the odd sonnet or composing a long song, go ahead, it will probably turn out better that you would imagine.

Sentimental journeys could also be on the agenda and there's nothing like a trip down memory lane to either rekindle passion or re-awaken interest but watch out you don't re-open old wounds in the process.

December Cancer Tarot cards forecast Prepare for some very uplifting news that will be a turning point in your life. These could come from past relations.

Things are now going to turn much better than you have anticipated. There will be a change of consciousness and things are going to be different. Accept what life has to offer.

You will experience a regeneration of mind, body and spirit which will direct you to new ideas, new relationships, and new beginnings.