David Copperfield Numerology Reading: a high reasoning power, which can compete with the best in your environment.

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David Copperfield (born David Seth Kotkin; September 16, 1956) is an American illusionist, and has been described by Forbes as the most commercially successful magician in history.

Copperfield has so far sold 40 million tickets and grossed over $4 billion, which is more than any other solo entertainer in history.

David Copperfield earned $57 million in 2004 and 2005, and $30 million in 2009 in entertainment earnings, according to Forbes.

David Copperfield Subconscious Self Number is: 7

You face different situations in life. Some are very difficult to tackle. This number tells about how to deal with those situations. It tells you about your inner strengths and how you can use them to deal with those situations.
David Copperfield Numerology Forecast

Self number 7 tells you how to strengthen your confidence and assertiveness so that you can face life's challenges successfully. If you face sudden changes in your life, this number shows how to deal and respond in sudden situations. The Subconscious Self reflects the confidence you have in your personal power and competence, as well as your weaknesses and the part of your character that needs to be strengthened.

David Copperfield Personal Year Number is: 6

This number describes the pattern of the particular year. Each year of your life is different in one way or the other from the other years of your life. There are basically nine personal years in the life of a person. It coincides with the calendar year.

It is the year, which is focused on your Love, Family, Home and Responsibility. In this personal year you will get greater personal as well as professional responsibilities.

You will show concern for family, loved ones, and close friends. You will have to make various adjustments in your life, or sacrifices for your near and dear ones. You might be successful at many major accomplishments this year, but it is rather the time to make adjustments to your existing plans that may be necessary or required, and for finishing ongoing projects.

David Copperfield Current Life Path Period Number is: 3

Our life is divided into three parts. The first part is the first stage of a person's life. This is the developmental stage of a person's life. The second stage helps to understand yourself and develop your creative talents. Having gone through the various experiences in the third stage you are a wise person with great understanding about people and situations.

Life Path Period 3 from age 54 on is 3
This is the last and final stage of a person's life. In this period you need to analyze whatever you have experienced and learnt in the previous two periods. This is the time for some reflection. In this time you are likely to settle all the differences and lead a peaceful and calm life.