CANCER and LEO LOVE Horoscope October 2015: Expect many changes in your life together

CANCER and LEO LOVE forecast october 2015 Relationships between Fire and Water personalities are not easy. Leo can bring Cancer to boiling point and Cancer, in turn, can throw a wet towel on his enthusiasm.

Both of you have strong emotions, but each fails to comprehend the other's emotional nature.

Leo can hurt Cancer by being insensitive and Cancer, in turn, can mystify her with her apparent lack of worldly ambition.

You and Leo spend a lot of your time together talking about work and employment matters.

You may work together or have areas of expertise in common. You are concerned with the practical things in life and often discuss general health and dietary habits with each other.
CANCER and LEO LOVE Horoscope October 2015

Your friends are simultaneously fascinated by and unsure of what to make of Leo.

Love horoscope luck for Cancer & Leo, October 2015 They see him as someone who is independent and freedom-loving but also unpredictable and possibly unreliable.

He probably won't come between you and them, but he will definitely keep them intrigued and guessing.

Cancer likes change and is good at getting things
off the ground; whereas Leo resists change and tends to hold onto the known and familiar.

Problems can arise between you if Cancer's initiatives are opposed or Leo stubbornly refuses to move forward in life.

October 2015 Cancer and Leo love horoscope prediction Spiritual and metaphysical subjects interest you both and you seem to be tuned into each other psychically.

You are receptive to one another's ideas and instinctively know when something sounds right or wrong.

Be aware that there can be some problems with honesty between you; one may deceive the other or blur the truth - deliberately or unintentionally. You need to trust your instincts when communicating with each other.