Astrology Zone DECEMBER 2015: Horoscope Forecast for ARIES to CAPRICORN

Read your free monthly horoscope prediction for December 2015 according to the zodiac sign you've belonged.

December 2015: Horoscope Forecast for ARIES

Your relationships are especially affectionate and friendly at this time, and you may benefit socially or materially through an opportunity offered to you by a friend. This is a good time for parties, social gatherings, and other pleasurable activities.

Favorable for communications about love and relationships, although emotional matters not taken seriously.  Be careful not to say things you might regret later!
Astrology Zone DECEMBER 2015 Horoscope ARIES to CAPRICORN

December 2015: Horoscope Prediction for CANCER

Plan carefully, be flexible, and avoid thinking you have all the answers.

Good for making plans, organizing systems, and other mental efforts.  You may lack discipline and take the easy way out. Good for business activity or signing a contract.

Deep, quite study and solitary reflection is favored. You are more taciturn and uncommunicative
than usual and don't feel very social.

If you are with others, you are likely to turn the discussions into something heavy and serious. Frivolity holds no appeal for you now.

December 2015: Horoscope Zone for VIRGO

Make an extra effort to get along with others. Stormy period in relationships.  Difficult to compromise, may meet such a person.  Try to work alone.

Make your positions clear but don't try to resolve conflicts yet.  You can get a great deal of work done, but avoid dangerous work.  Express this energy consciously to avoid illness.

Any relationships that you are involved in that have strong dominance-passivity themes or are stifling and restrictive to either one of you, are likely to explode now.

December 2015: Horoscope Forecast for SCORPIO

This is a very positive time when the opportunity to do the things that you love presents itself. You feel freed from restrictions and obstacles, and your creative abilities are very strong.

Your responsibilities in your job are likely to change at this time, allowing you greater freedom and additional resources to pursue the work that you love.

December 2015: Horoscope Zone for CAPRICORN

An important decision regarding your career will need to be made at this time.

It becomes clear to you around this time that certain pursuits are leading to a dead end and therefore must be abandoned.

You feel clear about what your goals are, but there are lots of questions right now about how to get there. This is a time to investigate alternatives.

Inner idealism, desire for deeper, more spiritual understanding.  Focus on getting a clear idea of where you are in life.

Someone may request your help, but make sure the person is worthy of your self-sacrifice.  A mystical experience is possible.