ARIES Horoscope September 26, 2015: You may be somewhat gullible and naive

September 26 Daily Horoscope Reading for ARIES sign This is a good day to get organized. Your efforts get noticed by those above you.

Spend time on constructive and practical activities. You can receive benefits from authority figures and people more senior than you today.

This is very much a love aspect as both planets involve different octaves of love.

You will feel them both, the love we feel between ourselves and others, and the sublime, spiritual love we feel when reporting to our higher power as a serving part of the brotherhood of man.

This influence can add tremendous depth to anything your create today in one of the arts.

Your curious mind engages easily, you juggle a multitude of interests, and you talk like the wind. You also bend with the wind. All too adaptable, you can rationalize anything.

ARIES Horoscope September 26 Love Money Health

Nothing hurts more than being ignored. The fire sign sense of honesty is straightforward and often child-like. Thus, you believe everyone is, like yourself, an open book. You may be somewhat gullible and naive.

Daily Horoscope September 26, 2015 Tropical sign astrology reading
  • Conjunction    Sun-Mercury          >9°16'<
  • Conjunction    Sun-N. Pole          <2°>
  • Opposition     Sun-S. Pole          <177°59'>
  • Conjunction    Sun-Lilith           >0°36'<
  • Opposition     Moon-Jupiter         >179°13'<
  • Conjunction    Moon-Neptune         <3°07'>
  • Conjunction    Moon-Hiron           >9°49'<
  • Conjunction    Moon-Selena          <7°51'>
  • Quadrature     Mercury-Pluto        <91°29'>
  • Conjunction    Mercury-N. Pole      >11°09'<
  • Conjunction    Mercury-Lilith       >8°52'<
  • Conjunction    Venus-Mars           <10°59'>
  • Trine          Venus-Uranus         <122°02'>
  • Quadrature     Venus-Proserpina     <88°14'>
  • Conjunction    Mars-Jupiter         >9°03'<
  • Quadrature     Mars-Saturn          <89°47'>
  • Opposition     Mars-Neptune         >173°07'<
  • Opposition     Mars-Selena          >179°19'<
  • Opposition     Jupiter-Neptune      <177°50'>
  • Trine          Jupiter-Pluto        >123°04'<
  • Trine          Saturn-S. Pole       >120°23'<
  • Conjunction    Saturn-Proserpina    <11°28'>
  • Quadrature     Saturn-Selena        <90°54'>
  • Conjunction    Neptune-Hiron        >12°10'<
  • Conjunction    Neptune-Selena       >6°16'<
  • Conjunction    N. Pole-Lilith       <2°34'>
  • Conjunction    S. Pole-Hiron        <13°19'>
  • Opposition     S. Pole-Lilith       <177°26'>
  • Trine          Hiron-Proserpina     <119°21'>