2016 VEDIC Horoscope ARIES reading for Spain: The lord of Wife in the Seventh Bhava

Spain 2016 short vedic astrology horoscope forecast for ARIES

Lagna lord abiding in Gain – one born will always be possessed of profit, be of amiable disposition
and famous and maintaining many spouses united with virtue.

Wealth lord standing in the Gain Bhava – fully endowed with all gains, high in assemblies, esteemed and praised by people.

In the Eighth, the lord of Brother – the person born is a born thief, disposed to slaving away for his livelihood and dies at a king’s door.

The lord of Happiness abiding in the Gain – the one born is distressed by hidden disease, virtous, endowed with good qualities, charitable and gratified by benefiting others.

2016 spain vedic astrology reading for aries zodiac

The lord of Offspring abiding in Wealth – the one born will possess many children and wealth and be the supporter of the family. Being very famous in the world, one is esteemed and dear to woman.

The Sixth lord in the Sibling – the born is an angry one, devoid of any deliberate course/courage, thrown together with inimical siblings and impertinent servants.

2016 Aries Vedic horoscope predictions (Spain)

The lord of Wife in the Seventh Bhava – endowed with marital happiness, the one born is wise, conspicuous, intelligent and merely Vata diseased.

The lord of Flaw in the Co-born Bhava – not born with fraternal happiness, languid and forsaken by servants, the one born is destitute of strength.  

The lord of Fortune standing in the Sibling Bhava – the one born is accompanied by fraternal happiness, wealthy and also of quality stock and possessed of a beautiful form.

The lord of Royalty standing in the Wealth Bhava – wealthy, joined with virtue, respected by the king, bountiful and joined with paternal, etc. happiness.

The lord of Gain standing in the Gain Bhava – gaining in all his works, his scholarship and happiness increase day by day.

The lord of Loss standing in the Death Bhava – the one born is always attended by profit, speaking pleasantly; medium lived, joined fully with good qualities.