2016 TAURUS Relocation Horoscope Los Angeles to Hawaii Kai: risky financial ventures

TAURUS Relocation Horoscope Zone, 2016 (Los Angeles to Hawaii Kai, Hawaii) As you will find, the forecast interpretations can be positive and/or challenging. Their effects can be experienced either directly personally or through events in the lives of others in the environment. Some trends will be more apparent than others, while others may be more subtle. What is most important is how you respond to them.

Yearly Astrology Zone TAURUS relocation forecast

Your friends become your supporters and your supporters become your friends now. There is a lot you can achieve for yourself and others, by gathering the best and right people around you.

You will enjoy social activity more than usual now, and it will be to your advantage to cultivate connections with particular groups or societies.

For the duration of this transit your approach to work will undergo many changes. If you work for yourself, you will try out new working methods and make use of technological advances.

If you employ people, there may be sudden and unexpected problems associated with staff. If you work for someone, you could change jobs frequently during this period.

This transit has the effect of re-aligning your mode of thinking and forcing you to look at things in a new or different way.

Your awareness is changing now, either through an inner process of intellectual regeneration, or because of external events that impact upon your thinking.

TAURUS relocation horoscope 2016 (love, money, health) This is an excellent transit for carrying out research work. You are not interested in light and trivial matters now; instead you feel driven to gain a deeper understanding of life.

As a communicator, your powers of persuasion are accentuated now and successes as a speaker or writer are possible during this period.

However, as your mind is more acute and critical now, there may be a tendency for you to hold extreme views and to get into fierce arguments with others. There can be exposure to prejudice or subversion from others.

This is one of the worst periods for pursuing risky financial ventures, because there is a danger of being duped and defrauded.

 Travel during this transit can be very worthwhile and uplifting; however, because of Neptune's tendency to make things appear other than they are, you should double-check all of your travel arrangements.