2016 NFL Predictions: Todd Robert Bowles, New York Jets, Horoscope Forecast

WIKI: Todd Robert Bowles (born November 18, 1963, Elizabeth, New Jersey) is an American football head coach for the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL).

The New York Jets are a professional American football team located in the New York metropolitan area. The team is a member of the Eastern Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

Astrology forecast Season 2016 NFL: Todd Robert Bowles head coach New York Jets

Tropical/Placidus   NATAL CHART

Natal positions:
  Sun= 8SA05   Moon= 8GE22   Mercury=22SA17    Venus= 1CP43   Mars=26SA42
  Jupiter= 9AR34    Saturn=17AQ48    Uranus= 9VI58    Neptune=16SC13    Pluto=14VI09
  Asc=19CN27     MC= 0AR46

Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
            ASPECT          ORB                 ASPECT          ORB
Conj    (  0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos   (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sqr     ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine   (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sxtil   ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
2016 Horoscope Predictions Todd Robert Bowles New York Jets
Todd Robert Bowles Natal Chart Reading

This is a time period of gradual maturing of your attitudes and overall approach to life. 

You become more in tune with your inner needs and tendencies, and you make changes that allow you to spend more time doing the things that you really enjoy and that you instinctively are attracted to, rather than what serves your more worldly ambitions, needs for security, and what appeals to you as the logically correct thing to do.

You have a low tolerance for boredom and following rules today and you make some creative changes and discoveries, experiment with new possibilities, or invent a new way of doing things.

You don't want to follow anybody else's lead at this time, but fortunately you are able find ways to be yourself and even be a little "crazy" without offending or upsetting others. 

This is a dynamic and exciting period. Take advantage of any unusual offers or opportunities.

Emotional well-being and contentment characterize this time period. You feel quite relaxed and carefree, and this would be a splendid time for a vacation. 

New York Jets Astrology Predicting the 2016 NFL season Laziness, self-indulgence, and expecting everything to work out well with no effort on your part are negative possibilities now. You feel very lucky and you are likely to be lax or extravagant with your money. 

Material benefits are, indeed, likely at this time, but beware of being overly generous or depending too much on Lady Luck.

Periodic fits of irrational feelings, suspicions, compulsive emotions, and nostalgia make this period a difficult, trying one. 

You tend to have intuitive hunches that you have great faith in, but most often these hunches are either only partially correct or totally a figment of your imagination.