2016 ARIES TAROT LifePath Number is 1, 3, 8: Philosophy, religion, and the like are natural for you

2016 Aries Numerology and Tarot  LifePath reading

You are very deliberate when it comes to words, to what you say and think. When you concentrate, you always come up with what is essential to the matter at hand, ignoring all else.

You're anything but "flip," and your more serious approach to ideas, while welcome when there is mental work to do, may not always be appreciated when others are in more social moods. You are so serious.

Philosophy, religion, and the like are natural for you.

2016 ARIES Life Path Period 1 from age 0 - 24 is 3

This is the first stage of a person's life. It starts with your birth goes on till your mid-life. This is a development phase.
2016 ARIES LifePath Number Meanings

These are the basic, foundational years of a person's life. In this period the foundations for your future years are laid.

Your sensitivity and vulnerability often find you at odds with the group or with others.

2016 ARIES Life Path Period 2 from age 25 - 51 is 1

The middle stage of a person's life is divided into two parts. This period extends the midlife of a person.

This is the most important period since most of significant events of a person's life happen in this period. In this period your full concentration falls on your family and your profession.

You go through different experiences of life and prepare yourself for life's final stages.

You may end up making a living at something not entirely in your  best interests. There is a tendency to get carried away when it comes to vocational choices, and you could find yourself pursuing possibilities that lead nowhere.

2016 ARIES Life Path Period 3 from age 52 on is 8

This is the last and final stage of a person's life. In this period you need to analyze whatever you have experienced and learnt in the previous two periods.

This is the time for some reflection. In this time you are likely to settle all the differences and lead a peaceful and calm life.

Your ideas and thoughts often conflict with your sense of responsibility and discipline. You may have trouble concentrating, or may alternate between periods of mental discipline and chaos. Your words and thoughts are not always very practical.