TAROT READING for AQUARIUS September 2015: New romances or partnerships

Aquarius monthly tarot predictions  Your focus will be on relationships, romantic response, love, friendship dialogue.  There is opportunity for cooperation in all areas of your relationship.

Marriage is indicated. Reunions and reconciliations with loved ones can occur at this time.

Money can be coming in from a business partner and the financial problem  that has beset you in the past will soon be resolved in a positive way.

Success can come from resolving arguments and establishing harmonious cooperation with others. Try to enlist the aid or support or your friends or loved ones in your work or career.                            
Aquarius september monthly tarot forecast reading
There is understanding, deep friendship or love between man and woman. Together  they can achieve their plans. New romances or partnerships.

Harmony and  cooperation. Differences if any will be resolved, and quarrels made up.                                                          
New ideas can be generated by cooperation and collaboration.

TAROT READING for AQUARIUS September 2015: Possible Events

Focus is on Waiting; choice; compromise; Stalemate; Considering two answers; Emotional protection.

You don't know what to do. Choice is six of one, half of dozen of another. There will be relief and differences will be resolved but tension in the relationship only gradually fading away.

Truce will be agreed and peace restored. Justice will be given. Pleasure will be experienced after pain or anxiety.

Allow others to help you and don't be afraid to take a chance. Success will be attained but some obstacles will still remain.