September 2015 Love Horoscope Forecast LEO man & CANCER female: Scorpio is frustrated by the demands of Leo

Leo male and Cancer woman September 2015 Compatibility Love Horoscope 'Opposites attract' could the theme for this combination of personal planets.

There is an instant spark when Scorpio and Leo meet, whether they choose to enjoy a friendship or a more intimate relationship.

The world seems more exciting when they are together. When together Scorpio and Leo are able to broaden their horizons in ways they had not thought possible.

Each one seems to fill a void deep inside the other.

In astrology it is considered important to have a combination of personal planets in order to enjoy a deep relationship, but this can be a difficult combination once the initial excitement has worn off.

Friction easily arises and what was once attractive becomes irritating.
September 2015 Love Horoscope Forecast LEO man and CANCER woman

The success of this relationship largely depends on each person's ability to accept the other person's differences.

Leo may eventually have difficulty understanding Scorpio's emotional nature. Leo may feel impatient and frustrated by the limitations placed on him by Scorpio. 

Scorpio may feel overwhelmed by Leo's personality. The initial excitement of the association with someone so opposing in nature may be replaced by feelings of insecurity. It's important for both

Scorpio and Leo to continue to appreciate each other's differences at all times and to realise that this relationship is potentially very rewarding if the difficulties can be faced and resolutions found.

Leo and Scorpio argue about subjects such as the future of their relationship, family associations, money matters and creative pastimes.

September 2015 Love Compatibility Horoscope LEO man & CANCER female They just can't seem to agree. Leo feels frustrated. On the one hand Leo is drawn to Scorpio.

On the other hand Leo knows that he is losing his identity in this relationship, and is often floundering to express himself.

Scorpio is also frustrated. She feels overwhelmed by Leo's powerful personality and is unable to get on with her creative pursuits.

Neither Leo nor Scorpio really feels that they are benefiting from this union, and yet they feel drawn to try to resolve the problems.