September 2015 Love Horoscope Forecast LEO female & CANCER man: This is not a superficial relationship

Cancer male Leo female September 2015 Compatibility Love Horoscope

Leo female is very proud and wants recognition, appreciation, respect, and love.

Cancer man wants to be needed and desires sympathy, tenderness, and emotional support.

Leo female has difficulty accepting and expressing needs, sadness, or weakness, and is uncomfortable when Cancer man expresses doubts, insecurities, weaknesses, or moodiness, but appreciates Cancer man's warmth and support.

There is a "pre-ordained" element to partnership for you, as you mysteriously meet partners at important turning points in your life, and instinctively sense how important these people will be for your growth.

Through your partnership you get involved with larger associations, who are concerned about developments in society.
September 2015 Love Horoscope Forecast LEO female & CANCER man

There is a sense of destiny in your love and a feeling that you are meant to do something out of the ordinary together.

Your relationship is intense and complex. You engage in deep, intense discussions and encounters that unveil your innermost thoughts, feelings, goals, hopes, fears, and ambitions. This is not a superficial relationship!

You are very uninhibited with each other, and you open up to each other more readily than to others.

September 2015 Love Compatibility Horoscope LEO female & CANCER man: Be wary of power struggles, however, as Leo female, in particular, may be tempted to manipulate and control Cancer man.

Also, either of you may feel threatened, embarrassed, or disempowered by revealing so much of yourself to the other, and consequently feel the need to be secretive and competitive with each other.

You have a profound influence upon one another, for good or ill.

Together you make a rather inventive couple and this can come to expression in non traditional communication projects which transcend borders, creating a network of people with shared interests in modern matters.