September 2015 Aries man & Taurus woman Love Horoscope: Life together is always interesting

September 2015 Aries man and Taurus female monthly compatibility forecast Aries is like a spiritual lighthouse to you; he awakens your innermost yearnings and accompanies you on your path of discovery.

You learn from him and, like a real teacher, he learns more from you than you may ever know. He could be a mentor and adviser.

Overseas travel may be a special feature of your relationship.

This is a very dreamy and romantic relationship.

Just be careful that you don't get swept off your feet and led astray or seduced against your will - especially when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
aries male and taurus female september synastry horoscope

Your love affair may be a secret one that can go undetected by outsiders for years and years. He may inspire you creatively and artistically.

You may find it hard to be yourself around Aries; he tends to come across as too serious or stand-offish. 

You often feel that he may be controlling you and cramping your style. He can introduce discipline and structure into your life, but it may be more than you can bear.

Trust has got to be a given in this relationship - because if there is any sign that she cannot be trusted, you need to be concerned. 

Aries man & Taurus woman Love Horoscope Predictions Subversive or underhanded activity will weaken you and the relationship. The danger is that she can work against you in secret and you won't be aware of it until it's too late.

Your first meeting was likely to have been sudden or in a situation that was unusual to you both. The energy between you is electrifying and exhilarating. 

You thrive on spontaneity and change. You like giving one another surprises and challenges. Life together is always interesting. 

Other people find your relationship exciting and stimulating because they can see that you don't play by the rules.