October 2015 TAURUS Fortune HOROSCOPE: tendency for ridiculous purchases

October 2015 Taurus Astrology Horoscope Key Word: WISDOM: Development of insight

This is a very beneficial influence, though you may not be consciously aware of the process.

Creativity and travel are favoured as you expand your capacities and sphere of influence.

As Jupiter represents areas of your life in which hopes and visions for the future are paramount, as well as the need to gain understanding and meaning, you can expect an increase of awareness and activities in these areas now.

If you are motivated by the need for expansion and growth, then you can expect advances. There is increased focus on your ability to act on moral values and pursue your convictions concerning society.

Taurus October horoscope forecast This is the time to refine your judgement and manifest your capacity to guide and counsel others.
October 2015 TAURUS Fortune HOROSCOPE

If you have a tendency to overestimate yourself, indulge moral weaknesses or to make premature judgements, then you will be confronted with this side of your character now.

If self-discipline and a natural carefulness is a part of your nature however, you can take advantage of opportunities to expand.

You may have some significant opportunities during this transit. It is important, however, to tread cautiously and maintain a sense of balance between your inner and outer worlds.

If you have not yet settled into a home, this could be a good time to purchase an adequate one or to invest in some real estate.

This is, of course, assumes that there are no adverse transits to suggest otherwise.

October 2015 Monthly horoscope reading for Taurus If you resist the kinds of changes Saturn tries to impose on you during any cycle, its influence can become stronger during later cycles until you accept the necessary changes.

However, unlike some cycles, you could experience some sort of loss here in order to reinforce the subtle wake-up call the universe is indirectly presenting.

The types of lessons that you may be tested for could be associated with your level of fear, security, inhibition, maturity, and responsibility.

Avoid becoming obsessed with an idea to the point that you are unable to listen effectively to others. Also avoid direct confrontations that place other people on the defensive.