October 2015 PISCES Forecast HOROSCOPE: Women can be beneficial in your life at present.

October monthly health, love, money horoscope zone Pisces This can be a difficult time during which you feel your individual rights are being eroded. You feel a lack of freedom and an uncertainty as to how to regain your sense of individuality.

Changes may occur which confuse, rather than excite you. Life can seem uncertain and out-of-control. It is time to let go of the past and move forward, despite your uncertainty.

Romance may not feature at all at this time; instead your life becomes a whirl of social engagements or pleasure seeking activities.

You may be inclined to indulge yourself and over-spend on such things as luxury items, fine clothes or beauty products.
pisces october 2015 forecast horoscope reading

If you are artistically inclined, this can be a successful creative period for you, with your work being acknowledged and respected by others.

Pisces October 2015 Astrology Forecast Travel for enjoyment and pleasure is favoured now, if affordable.

You have a strong drive to achieve your goals and to take on greater responsibility in your life but circumstances, or someone else's actions, seem to be blocking your path.

This can be very frustrating. However, stop and see if there is another way to overcome the hurdles.

You have the urge to improve your position in life. Above all, you want to better yourself and expand your horizons - which you may do through travel, higher education, financial activity or speculation.

However, you must take great care to keep a sense of perspective on everything and not to over-estimate yourself or your capabilities.

Business activity should be relatively free of problems, providing there aren't other more powerful transits from the stronger planets to contend with. Women can be beneficial in your life at present.

October 2015 Pisces transit horoscope predictions This can be a testing time as you face extra responsibilities and hard work. In some ways you feel that you are undergoing an endurance test as you strive to work towards your goals.

It is easy to forget your strengths under this transit, but patience and endurance pay off in the long run. It is time to look carefully at your priorities and readjust your schedules and goals accordingly.

Worry and anxiety come and go in phases. You may have to take extra care of your health. Probably, you will feel tired and worn out.

If so, make sure you are getting adequate sleep. You could be susceptible to infections and the effects of intoxicants or certain medicines.

If you notice your vitality is lower than usual, a check-up may be in order.