October 2015 LOVE horoscope forecast Sagittarius and Taurus: Domestic affairs are central to your relationship.

Sagittarius man and  Taurus Woman October 2015 compatibility horoscope Relationships between Fire and Earth personalities can be mutually advantageous. Sagittarius is enterprising and outgoing, whereas Taurus is security conscious and cautious.

Taurus benefits from the opportunities that Sagittarius creates and she, in turn, benefits from his common sense and ability to provide material protection.

Problems can arise between you, however, if Sagittarius becomes frustrated with Taurus's lack of imagination, or if Taurus can't cope with Sagittarius's constant need for change and excitement.

Domestic affairs are central to your relationship. Your family backgrounds and upbringings may have been similar.
October 2015 LOVE horoscope forecast Sagittarius male and Taurus female

He shares similar family values to you. He instinctively understands your emotional needs and vice versa. He also remembers the same things you do.

Your friends are simultaneously fascinated by and unsure of what to make of Taurus.

Love Horoscope Sagittarius man and  Taurus Woman October 2015 They see him as someone who is independent and freedom-loving but also unpredictable and possibly unreliable.

He probably won't come between you and them, but he will definitely keep them intrigued and guessing.

Every now and then someone comes along who we feel instantly attracted to; Taurus is such a person. His personality hits just the right chord in your heart. You can't help but feel close to him. You know you can have fun together.

Through his ideas and actions he teaches you the importance that family plays in your life and the consequences of past deeds.

Your relationship never becomes stale and routine because it is constantly regenerating.

The feelings you have for one another are deep and sincere. You genuinely love each other and are totally committed to your relationship. Your attraction for one another is strong and on-going.